Dogwoods 2.0

In 2016, AJ was appointed as Director of Traditional Events for Fairfield University’s student government. On AJ’s first day, he was briefed on a challenge the school was facing. The attendance of the annual school formal, Dogwoods, was drastically dropping every year. AJ and the rest of the team went back to the drawing board to see what they could bring to the students. It was decided that it was time to revamp the longstanding Fairfield tradition and bring it into the twenty-first century. Instead of a school formal, AJ and his team would produce a modern massive-scale concert with world-class resident DJs. Since Dogwoods has been around since Fairfield was founded, it was only appropriate to keep the name, but with a twist. The new name, Dogwoods 2.0, brings a modern/techy feel while still keeping the Fairfield roots.

AJ and the board teamed up with Groove Boston to put on Dogwoods 2.0. Groove Boston travels to universities across the nation, stating that their goal is to “create legendary dance parties by combining massive-scale production with professional in-house talent, led by a world-class touring crew of some of the most talented audio, lighting, staging and special effects professionals in the industry.”

During the weeks leading up to the event, there was a lot of confusion regarding what the event actually entailed. Many students thought it would be a repeat of years past. Due to low ticket sales, AJ decided something needed to be done. Within one day, AJ wrote a script, filmed footage, and fully edited a video explaining what Dogwoods 2.0 was. The video was sent out to all 4000 students at Fairfield University. Take a look at the video below.


As soon as the video was sent out, ticket sales sky rocketed. Within three days, over 1,300 tickets were sold. That’s a 900% increase from the year prior of only 130 people.

Previous Dogwoods Attendance

Dogwoods 2.0 Attendance


Attendance Increase


At the end of the year, Dogwoods 2.0 won “Program of the Year” at Fairfield University