Columbus Day Parade Float

With Generoso Pope’s presidential friendship with President Roosevelt, he was able to make Columbus Day into a national holiday. He was also the founder of the Columbus Day Parade in New York City, which is still the world’s largest Columbus Day Parade to this day. The Generoso Pope Foundation carries on the tradition of the Italian holiday by sponsoring the Parade with the Columbus Citizens Foundation. The Pope Foundation has a float in the annual parade to show it’s support for the Italian culture.


In 2015, AJ worked with Bond Parade Floats to design and create a new float that would parade down 5th Avenue for millions to see. The Generoso Pope Foundation’s building is a distinguishable icon for the Foundation and can even be found in the Foundation’s logo. A scaled replica of the building adorned the float. The detail was impeccable. Brick work, flag poles and even see through windows in the cupola made the model of the building jaw dropping. The length of the float was increased as well to accommodate people on the float.


In 2018, not only was the Westchester Italian Cultural Center going to introduce a new float, but the Generoso Pope Foundation float was going to be refreshed as well. AJ worked with Handler Design Group to design and fabricate eye-catching floats.

Generoso Pope Foundation Float

Westchester Italian Cultural Center Float