Holiday Decorating at the Generoso Pope Foundation

The Generoso Pope Foundation is located in the heart of Tuckahoe, NY and is the focal point of the town square. It is famous for it’s Christmas decorations during the holiday season. The elegant decorations accentuate┬áthe building’s grandeur and beauty. Many people are seen stopping to take pictures of the building, and even ask to see the interior decorations. Over 10,000 christmas lights grace the building for a holiday spectacle. A 12 foot wreath is faceted onto the facade of the building with a giant red bow with ribbon flowing down. Christmas trees with matching bows are placed on either side of the columns. Wreaths with bows are hung along the sides of the building. Christmas trees adorn the side foyer, decorated with hundreds of ornaments.

In 2014, AJ decided that it was time for a new piece of decoration to be added. The idea was to replace the existing Christmas tree in the grand foyer for something bigger and better. Towering 18 feet high with almost 400 poinsettia plants, the one of a kind Christmas tree was a show stopper. Word spread around town, gaining more visitors to come see the tree. Weighing over 1,000 pounds, the tree was self-watered, with a new technology that allowed gel packs of water to nourish the plants for a month.

AJ is in charge of scheduling the holiday decorating. Scaffolding needs to be set up in adanvce in order to install the giant wreath. The workers also help with installing trees, wreaths, lights and more.
AJ works coincide with the workers during the process to make sure everything is put in place perfectly.


A timelapse video of the decorating process can be seen below.